Oil and Gas Laboratory Analysis Engineering (Accredited B)


Oil and gas needs to meet human life are increasing. The vast natural resources to date still cannot be utilized optimally due to human resources who are professionals in the oil and gas sector. One example is the rich province, South Sumatra, which has the slogan of developing the potential of Sum-Cell energy resources, 2006. The potential of this energy resource is a priority for development to be carried out in South Sumatra.

Akamigas Polytechnic of Palembang is one of the colleges which is part of the national education system based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, which aims to produce graduates who have professional abilities in developing, disseminating science and technology, and striving for their application and improving people’s lives according to their needs development especially in the field of energy as part of a system of scientific society that is universal.

To realize the results of an accurate analysis of the above value standards, professional experts who are good at analyzing and are good at utilizing the technology used to analyze oil and natural gas are needed. Based on that thought, the Akamigas Polytechnic of Palembang opens opportunities to produce professional human resource in the field of oil and gas analysis through the Oil and Gas Laboratory Analysis Engineering Study program.

Accredited B



“Becoming a superior study program in the field of water and waste testing as well as oil and gas products which is competitive at the ASEAN level in 2020.”


To achieve this vision, the Oil and Gas Laboratory Analysis Engineering of Akamigas Polytechnic of Palembang has a mission aiming to implement the function of institutional higher education in the field of engineering with the following details:

  1. Implementing contributive and productive Tridharma of higher education.
  2. Producing certified engineering experts who are highly competitive in the field of water and waste testing as well as oil and gas products.
  3. Increasing the quality and professionalism of the academic community in realizing the quality assurance system.

Organization Structure and Personnel


Head of Study Program: Dian Kurnia Sari, S.T., M.T

Secretary of Study Program: Adi Syahputra, S.Si., M.Sc.

Permanent Lecturers: 1. Amiliza Miarti, S.T., M.Sc.

  1. Ineke Febrina A., S.T., M.Sc.
  2. Leni Legasari, S.Si., M.Sc.
  3. Drs. Abdurrahman
  4. Indah Pratiwi, S.ST., M.T

Administration Staff: Nyayu Septia Anggraini, S.E.



Competences of graduates

The human resources produced by Oil and Gas Laboratory Analysis Engineering is a professional human resource in oil and gas sector. Alumni can work in the fields of water testing laboratories, crude oil testing, aviation fuel testing, non-aviation fuel and special fuel, lubricant testing, natural gas testing, petrochemical product testing, research and development laboratories, gas analysis laboratories and scientific testing and laboratory.