Oil and Gas Production and Exploration Engineering (Accredited B)


The study program of Oil and Gas Production and Exploration is a study program that prepares graduates to become professionals in the upstream oil field. Teaching and learning activities are carried out with the carrying capacity of facilities that are able to support the development of student skills, field visits, practicums and periodic / semester courses in the field and lecturers from academics and practitioners (from oil and drilling companies) are thus expected The resulting HR is HR that has the competencies or skills desired by the upstream petroleum industry and can directly contribute to advancing the national and world petroleum industry.



The Oil and Gas Production and Exploration Engineering study program has a scope that aims to prepare skilled and competent human resources in oil and gas exploration and production activities with jobs spread throughout Indonesia and abroad.


Accredited B


“Becoming a vocational study program that supports national interests in the field of oil and gas upstream and is competitive at the ASEAN level in 2022.”



  1. Organizing education that produces graduates who are certified competencies in the field of upstream oil and gas, fear the Almighty God, are disciplined and have integrity.
  2. Implementing the development of science through research in the field of upstream oil and gas that is relevant and oriented to meeting the needs of the national oil and gas industry.
  3. Applying petroleum engineering expertise actively through community service oriented to regional development and community welfare.
  4. Establishing and enhancing cooperation with government, industry and related parties to optimize the implementation of the Tridharma of higher education.


  1. The formation of graduates who have competency certificates as well as piety, discipline and integrity with qualifications relevant to the needs of the upstream oil and gas industry.
  2. Acting and actively developing the results of research in the field of oil and gas that has the potential to be effective which can be published and utilized for the benefit of the national oil and gas industry community.
  3. The realization of community service activities that are beneficial for improving the welfare of the community, especially communities in areas that have oil and gas resources.
  4. The realization of the quality and professionalism of TEPM study program managers in fostering cooperation with stake holders so as to be able to optimize the Tridharma of higher education.


Organizing, fostering and developing Diploma II education programs in an effort to produce professionals who are able to apply, develop or create applied knowledge, especially in the field of Oil and Gas Exploration Engineering

Organizing, fostering and developing research to produce empirical knowledge, theories, concepts, methodologies, models, or new information that enriches science and technology.

Organizing, fostering and developing services that benefit the community.


Organization Structure and Personnel

Head of Study Program: Roni Alida, S.T.

Secretary of Study Program: Hendra Budiman, S.Si.

Permanent Lecturer: 1. Ana Asmina, S.T., M.T

  1. M. Ali Malik, S.T
  2. Azka Roby Antari, S.T.
  3. Sefilra Andalucia, S.T., M.T.
  4. Euis Kusniawati, S.T., M.T.
  5. Diky Pranondo, S.T.
  6. K. M. Faisal Reza, S.E.
  7. KA. Azizi Noviansyah, S.H., M.H
  8. Armi Antasari, S.Pd., M.Pd
  9. Yanti Juniarti, S.Pd
  10. Dwi Putri Lestari, S.T
  11. Trimadona, S.Si., M.T

Administration Staff : Dwi Ayu Andini, A.Md